Phillip Hutton

Phillip Hutton


Its May 2012 and I have finally taken the leap of faith that I’ve been thinking about for several months.

My name is Phillip Hutton and I am a Driving Instructor in Portsmouth, England and the co-owner of a driving school on the south coast called Alert Driver Training.  Our website is www.highalert.co.uk my business partner is Geoff Gale who is a driving instructor in southampton.

I wanted to create a place where parents or partners could goto to get helpful information on how to teach someone to drive.  Driver training is a costly endeavor and with times being hard at present more and more people are starting to teach their own children to drive.  The problem comes with the fact that it may have been a number of years since the parent or partner took their own test and so their knowledge base is out of date.

From that idea, this website was born.  Over the coming months I will be adding more content.  If there is more you would like added then please let me know using the feedback Contact link.