Mirror Signal Manoeuvre

MSM stands for Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre. So for this example we are driving down the road and you want to pull over to the side of the road.  So you need to use the Mirror, Signal, Manoeuvre routine.

So you check your breaking mirror (rear view mirror) and your left door mirror, this is to make sure it’s safe to slow down (a car is not to close behind  you). And there is not a bike that is on your left. (Remember that your door mirror makes things appear further away than they actually are).

Signal. So you have checked your mirror now put your signal on.  This shows other road users what you intend to do and they can then plan their own actions.

Manoeuvre.  Using our example, we are moving over to park on the left so you need to steer the car to the left until the curb comes to touch your reference point for parked, then straighten your wheel so you come in parallel to the curb with no more than one foot between you and the curb.  You are looking to keep your car safe at all times so whenever you park your car it must be somewhere that you would be happy to leave it overnight. Once you have come to a full spot, remember to apply the handbrake or parking brake and then put the car in neutral.

Tip. If parking on a hill facing upwards put the car in first gear and turn the wheel away from the curb. If parking on a hill facing downwards put the car in first gear and turn the wheel towards the curb.